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Monday, May 04, 2015
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I am offering local One on One Mentoring Sessions.  I have 3 classes i offer, and tailor each one according to the clients skill level at that point. 


1.  Camera, Light, and Shoot.  This class is 3 hours long and i ask clients to please bring a DSLR with them.  We touch on getting to know your camera, and settings, learning RAW and how to see light the way your camera does.  We then go out and shoot both in studio and outside.  No computer or editing in this class.  $250


2.  Computer Workflow, and Basic Photo Editing.  This class is 3 hours long and i ask you to have access to either Lightroom or Photoshop.  A laptop would be great to bring to this session (but is not required).  We will work, one on one.   There is a lot of information in this class so turn your brain into a sponge before you come.   $325


3.  Shoot, Concept and Composite.   This is a 5-7 hour class.   In this class we will go from start to finish in creating a conceptual or surreal image.  Bring your DSLR, we will shoot the images, upload, cull, basic edit, and create your final composite.  The sky is not the limit.  Anything is possible... i am an open book and you may tear the pages out.  Lunch is provided in this class as we learn, grow, dream and create together, side by side.   $520


Come dream with me...

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Melissa Sands - I love, love, love your work. I so wish I lived closer to you, I'd love to have a lesson from a creative genius!