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Lisa Lizarraga

I am a Fine Art Conceptual Artist located in northern California and i focus on story telling and surrealism through my work.  I'm an internationally published photographer with images in multiple magazines and publications worldwide, as well as being part of a hand full of photography associations and fine art groups.

The Deep Stuff

I took two years of photography in college but honestly had to throw it all out the window and crawl out of the box they keep you in to relearn everything in a different way. They don't teach you how to float.  If you are looking for someone who's passion for creating the absolute best image i possibly can...that is me. My desire is to creating the image...not just take the photo.

My Life

I am currently living a passionate life doing what i love, creating art and enhancing lives.  I have a beautiful daughter, Keecia featured in my Gallery.  A stunning Grandson, Zuree 'Beautiful Soul' the gentle one, and a princess Grandaughter Avoree who is very opinionated.  Thank you my 'Baby Bugs' for all the modeling. 

'Beautiful' will be a part of your life when you choose to not allow society to define for you what beautiful is."

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